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March 28, 2012
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It was so good to be with Annabeth. He felt amazing, no, he felt immortal. Wrapping his arms around her, smelling her sweet scent, yelling about missing her and cursing Hera. This was how things were meant to be he thought. He was so distracted that he didn't hear a very angry Reyna yell his name, he was telling Annabeth about Frank and Hazel. It wasn't until he heard Reyna thundering the second time did he realize he was being summoned. Turning slightly red he told Annabeth to wait there and began to sprint towards Reyna. Unfortunately for Percy, he was wearing his praetor cape. Everybody was watching as he stumbled over and feel facedown into the mud at Reyna's feet. "Really cool Percy" she murmured. If Percy was red before he was scarlet now. As quickly as he could Percy clambered to his feet and adjusted his purple cape. "Better" Reyna hissed. Percy nodded curtly, regaining his posture. "As praetors we welcome our Greek guests to camp Jupiter" boomed Reyna, surreptitiously glancing at a blond boy standing by the ship. There was a silence, followed by more silence. Reyna stamped on his toe. "Oh uh yeah" agreed Percy. Reyna and Annabeth both rolled their eyes. He knew exactly what Annabeth was thinking. "Trust seaweed brain". Turning back to the gathered crowd he grinned stupidly, trying to look cool, and failing. "There will be a meeting tonight of the council and the Greeks, eight O'clock, our guests will also dine with us and join in our war games" Reyna shouted. "Jason come with me, we have much to discuss, Percy too if you wish..... Fifth Cohort, give our guests a tour around the city, oh and Bobby, set up some extra beds for them." Everybody was happy with those orders, except for one person. "I don't agree" said Octavian stepping forward. All the Romans tensed, now they would see some fireworks. "What?" spluttered Reyna outraged. Octavian smiled cruelly. "It's perfectly simple Reyna, I don't agree neither do the gods" he told her. Reyna went pale. Some of the Romans (Octavian's friends) were agreeing and criticising  Reyna and Percy. "Need I remind you who is praetor Octavian" interrupted the blond boy loudly. "Jason Grace, how I missed you, I'm sure all of us would love to hear why you abandoned camp" replied Octavian, a fake smile upon his evil face. Jason looked like he'd been punched.
Jason wanted to act like he didn't care about what stupid Octavian said but he did. As always Octavian had struck with perfect accuracy. Jason didn't know how to retort. Fortunately he didn't have to. Piper stepped forward, and she was angry. "Dear Octavian" she sang, shooting him a radiant and powerful smile, "why don't you run along and get out of everyone's way." Octavian looked like he was convinced but still he was fighting. His mind was a hard one to manipulate. "Please" begged Piper, batting her long eyelashes. Slowly, as if in a trance, Octavian nodded and walked off. Reyna was stunned, Jason wasn't sure whether it was because Octavian had obeyed or because she had just seen how dazzling Piper was. He knew which he was more stunned by....... Some of the Romans started laughing, this was a show they would happily pay too see again. Reyna straightened up. "Jason with me, the rest can go" Reyna called and stormed away. Jason was confused. "Why isn't she happy too see me again?" he thought. He knew where she was going, there was no need to follow, Reyna would think he was desperate. Jason turned to Piper, "ask Percy to show you around" he told her and started to follow Reyna. When he reached the building Reyna was already sitting down, her two dogs on either side. He entered silently. "Praetor" he called, kneeling respectfully. Reyna didn't look at him. The dogs snarled. Dropping all pretence he stood. "Reyna, what is it" he asked. Still the stubborn girl didn't speak. "Reyna, listen, I know you are mad at me for leaving but it wasn't my fault Juno...." he began. The dogs went quiet and Jason knew she was about to speak. "I know, Percy the new praetor told me" she replied. Jason once again felt like he was punched. "Then why are you mad" he asked. The dogs started growling and Jason knew Reyna was mad. Again. "I am not mad" she said coolly. Jason snorted disbelievingly. "Fine, Jason, I will tell you because I am your friend, I am your own kind, I understand you" she boomed. Jason still didn't understand. "So because I spent time with the Greeks I'm not Roman anymore?, that doesn't make any sense" he retorted. Reyna whipped her head around. "You make it sound like you prefer Greeks over Roman" she hissed. Now Jason was angry.
(Hours later...)
"So this is what is about. Me holding hands whilst I'm single, with a Greek girl I have known for eight months" boomed Jason angrily. After hours of Reyna's mood swings he had finally uncovered the truth. And it made him mad. "We have spent more than an hour yelling at each other for that?" screamed Jason. Reyna who had been avoiding his gaze whipped around, her face scarlet with rage. "You're the one who was yelling. I was trying to tell you but you kept getting defensive" she retorted. Jason laughed dryly. "You must have a worse memory than you do fighting skills. And you're terrible at fighting" he spat. The echo boomed around the hall. Reyna leapt to her feat and drew her sword. "Come on traitor, bring it" she yelled. Jason was mad at Reyna. He turned and looked into her dark eyes. To his surprise they were full of tears. Jason was astounded. Why was she crying when she was supposed to be irate? Jason stepped back. He suddenly felt calmer, more like a leader. "I don't want to fight you" he said simply. Reyna nodded blinking back tears. Jason relaxed. Then, out of the blue, she burst into tears. She began sobbing uncontrollably and Jason had no idea  what to do. Why were girls so complicated?. "Hey", he called, "it's alright. Don't cry". And Reyna ran towards him. She threw her arms around him and buried her head in his chest. Jason felt awkward but wrapped his arms around her. "I missed you" she breathed. Jason laughed. "And you think I didn't?" he replied. Slowly, Reyna nodded. "Yeah, I thought you'd replaced me with........... Her" she muttered. Jason let her go and stepped back. Reyna straightened up and fixed her cape. "Well I must be off. Senate meeting and everything." she said briskly. Jason nodded. He felt a little guilty. "Hey Reyna", he called, "The girl, Piper. She isn't my girlfriend". Reyna smiled slyly and silently exited. Jason was left alone in the empty room. He hadn't lied to Reyna, he just hadn't told her everything. He intended to become Piper's boyfriend, but he didn't want to hurt Reyna, she meant a lot to him. Him and Reyna were never dating or anything but they had known each other for a long time. She was a sister to him, nothing more. Jason was suddenly unsure what to do. Deciding to find his friends from the fifth cohort he too exited the large hall.  

(To be continued if anyone wants me too.....)
So I was surfing through all my works I hadn't published when I came across ALOT of writing about The Mark Of Athena so I thought I'd post this......

I hope you like it and if you want me to continue with the story please tell me!!!!

Oh and i'll say this now before anyone kills me

WARNING SPOILERS (for all those who haven't read the son of Neptune......)

Enjoy :)
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Don't worry, I have, check out my page for part 2 and 3 :)
Ok, it'll be up in a matter of minutes, check it out, oh and Im glad you like it :)
By the way it's up now if you want to read it :)
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